Graphite Powder Making Machine

Graphite powder making machine

Is varied in a form of carbon, there is a single crystalline carbon, such as diamond, graphite; amorphous carbon such as coal, etc.; carbonates such as marble. Graphite is an allotrope of elemental carbon, which is widely found in various forms in the atmosphere and the crust.

Graphite fine grinding and fine grinding equipment used mainly SCM Ultrafine Mill and T130X Reinforced Ultrafine Mill, etc. The market widely praised by customers graphite grinding equipment manufacturers are SBM. Our R & D produced a series of milling, screening, crushing equipment has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical, power, steel, oil and other industries, with reliable quality and stable home and abroad.

Graphite Applications

Graphite is formed at high temperature, graphite is most common in marble, schist or gneiss, is organic origin of carbonaceous material metamorphism. Seams can be formed by thermal metamorphism of graphite parts. A small amount of graphite is a native of igneous minerals. Graphite is also common in meteorites, usually lumps to a certain orientation relationship cube shape composed of polycrystalline aggregates called Cubic graphite. With the continuous development of technology of production, more and more use of graphite, graphite grinding process has now become a very important way to use a graphite. After processing in the production of graphite, graphite ore chunks through the crusher, and then processed through the mill grinding, milling through a series of crushing and screening process, and ultimately meet the various needs of users.

Graphite has a high temperature, thermal shock resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, chemical stability, lubrication, coating, plastic and other properties, is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electrical, electronics, chemical, nuclear industry, batteries and coins and other fields. One ultra-fine, high-purity graphite is mainly used in the electronics industry, such as milk tube graphite and graphite electrodes; temperature lubricant, such as oil-based agent colloids and colloidal graphite.

Graphite powder making machine need regular oil changes and regular cleaning

Under normal circumstances graphite powder making machine production work environment is bad, the strength of the work is relatively large, the powder making machine maintenance and repair is particularly important. A lot of time in the course of our operations, we also need to care for the machine, a skilled operator, the machine and the machine work flow problems that may arise are learned by heart, so there is a fixed charge level of non-operator important thing.

Meanwhile, in order to make graphite milling machine to work properly, the device should be developed "safe operation maintenance system" can ensure the long-term safe operation of ultrafine mill, and have the necessary maintenance tools and grease fittings. Graphite milling machine after a period of time, maintenance should be carried, while the ring roller mill blade replacement of wearing parts for repair, roller device before and after the use of the connecting bolt nut plug should be carefully examined whether there is loosening , whether to add a little grease. Roller device to use for more than 200 hours of cleaning and re-roll mill to change the oil, if using a roller lubrication butter changed, you will need to be replaced once a day before the butter does not affect the life of mill, roller kit for Each rolling bearings must be cleaned, replace damaged parts, fuel or refueling tools available manual grease gun. After the market customer survey and found that the benefits of the use of oil is not a day to stop maintenance equipment, roller wear factor for small roller life than to allow the use of butter increased use of more than 22%.